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The epoch-making concept of the overall planning of corporate image marketing
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Network marketing is only a component of corporate image marketing strategy. To truly realize informatization, a company must closely integrate network marketing, brand image planning and corporate internal management systems, and follow the "from outside and inside" or "from inside and outside" The policy addresses the overall marketing development of the company and truly realizes the integration of corporate image marketing.
At present, there are still many marketing planning companies that simply focus on corporate website construction, search promotion or vi design, image planning, advertising releases or corporate software services. We know that after the rapid recovery of the global economy, companies cannot truly develop. The opportunity for companies to make strides by simply relying on a certain marketing planning channel has expanded. Therefore, we have proposed the epoch-making concept of "corporate image marketing overall planning". All well-known companies and listed companies around the world have carried out "corporate image marketing". "Overall planning", as an enterprise under new opportunities and new environment, we also need it.
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